The Men’s Holiday Toiletry Kit

This holiday season, I’m sure many of you men out there will be travelling out of town to visit family and friends. Elevate your toiletry kit by ensuring you have all the right essentials at your disposal while you are out of town.

We rounded up the top ten items we think you should carry along with you as you travel this holiday season:

1. A heavy-duty grab/toiletry bag

Needless to say, the most important item on the list is the actual toiletry bag. You’ll need to carry all your items somewhere so make sure the bag you use is a heavy-duty one. We suggest trying to find something made from water-resistant material to protect the rest of the items in your luggage in case you have any leaks from the toothpaste or aftershave (yes it has happened to us before). It’s a plus if you are able to find something with built-in organisation sections.

2) Deodorant

Don’t get caught smelling funky! Make sure you pack your preferred deodorant to keep yourself smelling fresh all day long this holiday season. We suggest the Hugo Boss deodorant line which comes in sleek looking packaging and looks as good as it smells!

3) Electric Toothbrush

Save yourself some arm effort and get a deeper clean with an electric toothbrush. Current models have batteries that last weeks so you likely won’t have to worry about recharging it so much over the course of the holiday. With less effort, you’ll get a better clean – essential for making a good impression with your significant other’s family, for example.

4) Facewash

Don’t forget to pack your facewash! It’s important to maintain your skincare routine while you’re out of town. Stress over the holiday can trigger breakouts so make sure you remember to cleanse your face morning and night remove all the dirt and oil accumulated over this time.

5) Moisturiser

This is a key toiletry especially for colder climates where you may be exposing your skin to the elements. Bring your moisturiser along to ensure that your hands and face don’t ever crack.

6) Sunscreen

Always protect your skin from UV rays! Some of you may be visiting sunnier climates while others may be experiencing gloomier weather. Regardless, always pack a tube of sunscreen and protect your skin from the harmful rays that won’t show their effect until later on in your life.

7) Shaver (optional)

If you happen to have facial hair that grows out faster than you can control or are going for the ‘well-groomed’ look, bringing your favourite electric shaver or razor is essential. For those of you who want to extend “No Shave November” into the holidays, there is no need to bring this item along!

8) Wet wipes

Wet wipes are perfect for when you need to freshen up quickly. We suggest bringing along a packet with a cooling sensation for that extra fresh feel. Use it to wipe off excess oil from the face or if you forget to bring #2, then give those pits a good wipe down!

9) Oil film sheets

If you happen to have oily skin, oil film sheets are a great way to soak up that extra oil that causes shiny skin and lead to breakouts. They’re lightweight enough that you can even fit a pack discreetly in your pocket.

10) Cologne

It’s important to have a signature scent so bring your favourite cologne along. For colder climes, if you have something that smells a bit warmer and woody, opt to bring that one as they more embody the holiday spirit.

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