The 4 Best Cities For Digital Nomads

It is 2021, and more and more companies are declaring their policy of “work from anywhere” at present. Right now, the trendiest destination happens to be your residence. During these covid-19 times, you have to follow lots of regulations to keep you safe and secure. In case you would like to work from somewhere else, it is very important to choose your destination thoughtfully and also follow these rules. That being said, if you are prepared to combine work and travel as a digital nomad for a few months, here we have provided a list of the best cities for digital nomads.

1. Medellin, Colombia

This city of eternal spring is quickly becoming one of the best cities for digital nomads. The city has invested in infrastructure and technology to a great extent following those days of widespread violence which used to rock this metropolis in the past. Today, the city provides the luxuries and comforts that are provided by any other big city on the planet and has become a safe city for foreigners and tourists. 

Inexpensive apartments, low cost of living, plus dependable Internet connections, a vibrant nightlife, are some of the benefits. Medellin is full of culture and history, has panoramic mountain views and beautiful nature nearby.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Nomads who have an affinity for the better things in life look towards Barcelona naturally. The city is known for astonishing architecture, which will definitely mesmerize you. Barcelona has been planned to look like an artistic tapestry instead of an assortment of buildings. It happens to be one of the best destinations for networking with proficient entrepreneurs and nomads. You will find likeminded people in one of the city’s many co-working spaces. Gaudi’s artwork, top-quality tapas, along with enticing beach parties, are some of the perks of living in Barcelona.

3. Berlin, Germany

There is some reason why artists and creative individuals tend to flock to Berlin these days. It can be perceived as a cultural hub with lots of diversity as well. It is located in central Europe which is just about perfect. A majority of the population here is English speaking as well. Soccer buffs consuming craft beer in huge quantities while munching on mouthwatering kebab wraps are a common sight right here. Casual socializing and networking are quite easy in Berlin, mainly because of the innumerable cafés, pubs, and co-working spaces around town. Even though this place is somewhat expensive, the money is definitely worth it.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is a fact that when Spanish culture is going to meet and marry Italian culture, the result is going to be very interesting. Argentinians are known to have a fantastic sense of hospitality. The city will be ideal for anyone who appreciates a good work-life balance. During the daytime, you will work hard with like-minded surrounded by like-minded people and at night the city will evolve into a great party scene. 

Buenos Aires is likewise reputed for providing the famous “Asado”, the scrumptious beef steak for locals as well as tourists. It is also quite difficult to depart from the city without enjoying a juicy pizza first. While co-working spaces are quite a few in numbers, accommodation in Buenos Aires is quite inexpensive as well.

It is a wonderful time to be a remote worker given that there are so many digital nomad jobs as well as destinations available right now. In case you’re finding it difficult to decide which particular city is going to be the ideal one for you, then this article should be helping you significa.

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